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9 Different Ways Students Learn

February 28, 2023

Learning is an integral part of a student's life, but the challenge comes in determining the best way to learn. Every student is different and everyone has a preferred style of learning. Different forms of learning have been developed to accommodate different learning preferences. Some of the common ways used to access learning materials are by reading, listening, watching, or talking. Here are nine different ways that students learn and the benefits of each.


Reading is an essential way for students to learn the material. It allows them to focus on a target area thoroughly, take notes, and ask questions. This allows solid information to be easily grasped and remembered. It also helps form comprehension and encourages critical thinking. Additionally, it can provide useful information written by experts and can serve as a tool in problem-solving.


Students can learn through listening, which allows them to be exposed to new sources of information and different perspectives. Listening to a lecture or podcast not only allows students to participate actively in their learning but also gives them the opportunity to focus on the material without worrying about taking notes.


Learning through watching can be an effective tool for understanding concepts. Through videos, films, television shows, and documentaries, students can expand their knowledge. Visuals provide a deeper understanding of the material and help create a connection to the subject matter. Watching allows students to learn at their own pace and at their own level of comfort.


Discussing and talking about an issue can provide students with critical thinking skills and insights. Conversation enables students to connect with peers and collaborate on solutions. A group environment can foster creative thinking, as well as teach students to become assertive, confident, and comfortable with exchanging ideas.


Hands-on activities can also be used to facilitate learning by stimulating engagement, allowing students to explore and test their new knowledge. Through experimentation, students can gain experience, apply their knowledge, and examine their understanding. Going through the process of experimentation allows students to develop skills that carry into their everyday life.


Getting physical exercise while studying has been found to boost academic performance. Physical activity releases endorphins, which serve as natural rewards and can help with remembering information. This can help with concentrating and allow for better test scores as it can also boost confidence and self-esteem.


Writing is another way for students to learn and it can help in developing problem-solving skills and creativity. Writing is great for self-expression and for organizing information. It helps the student slowly and methodically construct the building blocks for learning guidance and understanding.

Reflective Learning

Learning that requires careful thought and deliberation before taking action or deciding something is known as reflective learning. It is the kind of learning where a student needs to consider all the possibilities and weigh the pros and cons before coming to a decision.

Problem-Based Learning

This is the type of learning where students learn not just about a topic, but also how to research, analyze, and solve problems related to it. It enhances their critical thinking skills and allows them to acquire and apply their knowledge in practical situations.


When it comes to learning, different forms of learning have been developed to accommodate different learning preferences. Students can explore and develop their preferred learning style based on the information above, and use it as a tool to enhance their academic success. The nine different ways students may learn discussed in this article are all very effective in their own way and are important tools to master better aspects of learning.

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