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An Inside Look at our ECov-Smartpad

January 24, 2023

The Ecov-Smartpad is the innovation of our company CovLC and is the perfect software for doing online tutoring. We took an in-depth look at what would be the best tools to make students more involved and attracted to learning.

After much research, we came up with the Ecov-Smartpad, which allows students to use a variety of options, making learning fun, but very successful. We will give you a more detailed look at this awesome technology, which allows you the student, and our tutors to make your learning experience the best in the business.

The Features Include:

The on-demand sessions using the Ecov-Smartpad allow students to have access to an expert within 4 hours of the time you schedule. This is very helpful to those seeking help with an issue they can’t seem to figure out.

We offer group sessions using our platform that help a number of students to come together online and speak to an expert. Once you become a client, you have access to schedule a session that will help you with your needs.

Chat sessions allow students to speak with a tutor in real time and come with the much-loved emoji options for use in sharing emotions. This is a great option that you will find in many of the most used software for communication.

Other Great Features

The Ecov-Smartpad is a very versatile tool to use for online tutoring. It has the capability of using video sessions, which allows students and tutors to see each other. The device uses the ‘WebRTC’ based Ultra HD video for clarity.

The system also has brilliant audio sessions that use ‘Full Duplex Audio’ which allows for crystal clear during streaming. Seeing and hearing what is going on during a session is very vital, our device makes this all possible.

Multi-screen sharing is another great feature of the Ecov-Smartpad and is essential to teaching and sharing information. This option is one of the many tools that has enabled online classes to be successful and informative.

Gratified User Experience

The ability to use a whiteboard for creativity makes this platform an awesome thing to use. For those who love to read, you will find the document reader an awesome addition as a feature. This is where the separation from other well-known platforms becomes evident.

The Ecov-Smartpad’s development is catered for teaching online, so you will find much more features than with other more known platforms that allow video, chat, and audio sessions.

The user can also integrate algebra using a graphical user interface, a sophisticated tool that enables the creation and display of complex mathematical equations inside of a whiteboard.

The Wolfram Alpha feature gives you access to global data and facts and computes responses for a variety of questions inside the whiteboard.

The whiteboard functionality is extremely efficient with options to add or draw objects, plus add multiple pages. There is an option to upload files and a web player for showing media.

Other Options of the Ecov-Smartpad

This software also comes with the raise hand option, which can be found on popular platforms on the market. Our Ecov-Smarpad allows you to do and save screenshots, record sessions, check the internet speed, and supports touch screen devices.

Our platform comes with 24-hour tech support, sturdy security, options for feedback from you the user, and an integrated library. The session heartbeat tool will guarantee that, in the event of a network issue, our servers will immediately try to connect to your session.


We hope you found our detailed look at our Ecov-Smartpad platform very fulfilling. You can use any device to access our product and be satisfied that you will get the best user experience when engaging in online learning.

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