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Black History Month, The Super Bowl, Education: Is There A Connection?

February 12, 2023

During the month of February, most of the world celebrates Black History Month. A time when many reflect on the black race and the endeavors of many of those who have lived in the past and at present.

Another activity of note during this time is the Super Bowl, this activity single handily takes the spotlight in America and many other places as the two best Football teams during that season take on each other to see who will win the prestigious trophy and boasting rights.

Considering these activities, we at CovLC, wanted to highlight the impact education would have had and continue to have on such things. It may seem farfet6ch, but education played and plays a great role in both of these activities. But how so, you may ask, well we will share how this has been made possible, so we suggest you buckle up for this one.

Black History Month

During Black History Month, people look at the lives of many professionals who have made a difference in our world in one way or another. One of the ways blacks have impacted the world is through inventions. For anyone to invent anything, they need a good understanding of Maths and Sciences, with English not very far behind.

Many blacks have also made an impact on the social well-being of their peers and society at large. It takes mostly educated persons to be able to articulate to make sound arguments against any laws or restrictions that may hinder another race, you see proper education played and plays a great role in society.

The Super Bowl

Now, you may agree with the first point and wonder what the Super Bowl may have to do with education or vice versa. Well, consider this fact, one of the best ways to know how good a player is will be to look at their statistics. Yes, Maths is a very crucial subject to grasp, if you want to know more about stats from various players.

Players themselves must have an understanding of Maths as they need to know how many yards they need to run and how many home runs they need to make, to beat the other team. You see, without understanding these basic principles, you may play the game and have no clue what you need to do to win a game.

The Super Bowl and Black History Month

Now that we have established how vital learning is to both topics, let's look at how the two are connected today in a big way. Not only will the Super Bowl be played during the month of February, but the game will also see opposing teams have black quarterbacks in their corners.

According to news outlets, Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts will make NFL history as they will be the first black men to face each other on opposing teams. Such an event has never happened before and it has created a stir in the news and NFL community. You can be sure it generated much hype in the black communities as well.

No doubt, these men will have to be on their best game and have a knowledge of what they will need to do to win this game. Based on all I shared, it would be easy to see, how important having an education will be to reach such a level. Talent is important, but so is a good education.


During this month, we want to remind you that whether it is playing in the NFL or having your name among the greats of those who made a difference in the black community, education is pivotal. Let CovLC help you with your endeavors whatever they may be.

As you celebrate Black History Month and prepare to watch the Super Bowl, never forget the role education has played and will play, b sure to check us out and be on your way to making a difference.

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