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Boosting Math Skills on Supermarket Trips

December 20, 2022

If you have ever shopped at the supermarket, you would know that having Math sense is essential. The supermarket is the type of place where you do multiplication, addition, and subtraction, all vital principles to learn in Mathematics.

Since this is the case, it is important for everyone to have Math skills, as we all need to eat and may find ourselves at the grocery store periodically. Keeping track of what you spend is a necessity that you will need to put your learning into action.

Here are a few things that can help, and where you can find help in time of need:

Budget Shopping

When it's time to buy groceries, the acquired Math skills you have will come in handy. Most people have a shopping list, while others just buy impromptu, either way, it will require an understanding of Mathematics.

Taking time to write down what you need from the supermarket and putting the price you think the item will cost and then adding them together can boost your skills.

Another way to boost those skills is when you get to the store and place items in your basket or trolley. In your head or on paper you can put the price next to your estimated amount to see if you are below or above the budget goal.

This allows you to develop your adding powers with or without pen and paper. This method allows you to keep within budget or decide if you want to spend a bit more without going overboard.

Shopping On the Fly

Believe it or not, not everyone shops with a detailed plan, some shop on the fly. You may be out and about and decide you will make a stop at the supermarket. Your math skills can save you time and money if you decide to stick to a spending plan and can keep track of what you are spending while in the store.

Doing this can keep the brain well-trained with numbers, whether you are multiplying, adding, or subtracting, it will boost your skill in the subject.

How To Acquire Such Math Skills?

For most, acquiring this type of skill doesn’t happen in one night. It takes practice and commitment for the brain to reach this level of memory and problem-solving without the need for pen and paper. At CovLC, we know what the human brain is capable of and we seek to help it reach its full potential.

Adding the cost of groceries without the need for a calculator or pen and paper is definitely a skill. But as they say” practice makes perfect”, if you keep doing these types of methods, it will improve your overall skill level in Mathematics.

Covalent Learning Center Will Help

To help you reach your goal for the next time you go grocery shopping, we recommend allowing the kids to do a bit of the shopping with your chaperoning. This will allow them to develop the problem-solving skills that their brain is designed to handle.

You should also consider enrolling them in one of our tutoring classes so we can help them move from one level to the next. You will find that after a while they can do the shopping based on their math skills as you watch and feel proud to see how your children have grown.

You can find out more about our Mathematics classes where you can choose the program that is right for your child based on their grade level and comprehension skills. If you want to see your children improve in math and be a bigger help at the supermarket and boost their shopping skills, then be sure to contact us for help!

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