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How Can Covalent Learning Improve Mathematics Capabilities

November 15, 2022

Mathematics is one of those subjects that every student should learn and conquer. As a student or parent, you may wonder why we say this. There are a number of reasons why we believe learning mathematics is essential and we will share many reasons why this is so.

Now more than ever it is clear there is a need for improvement in the area of mathematics when one takes a look at the recent results from the NAEP Mathematics Assessment for fourth and eighth graders during the year 2021/2022.

There has been a notable decline in the points for grades in mathematics, which is of great concern considering mathematics is one of those subjects which can greatly impact the level of professionalism a student will need to succeed in their choice of profession.

NAEP Results

The Nation's Report Card reported that many fourth graders scored 5 points less on average which was the lowest since 2005. This decrease in overall grades meant that newer students were doing much worse than in previous years and the results were even worse for eighth graders who saw a drop of 8 points.

The comparisons of the latest statistics were taken from most states and local jurisdictions along with urban districts that chose to participate in the assessment. The report includes public, private, defense, and Indian schools.

One of the suspected reasons for the recent decline was the COVID-19 pandemic, which is believed to have affected the mental capacity of children. The lack of social life may have put a strain on most students impairing their ability to focus. The question now remains is there a way to help students through such a trying time, so they can improve from the latest scores? We say yes!

How Can Students Bounce Back?

Earlier we mentioned that mathematics is one of those subjects that are necessary for students to learn and master. The reason for this is related to many of the professions that await these students when they graduate and become professionals in society.

You may or may not know that mathematics is necessary for professions like market research analyst, financial planner, insurance underwriter, data scientist, statistician, economist, meteorologist, and much more.

The list of job opportunities for those who excel in mathematics is mind-boggling, trust us, we couldn't list them all. Since learning mathematics could be the difference between getting a great job and settling for less, it is vital for students to make the best of this opportunity.

For any student who is having challenges with mathematics whether a fourth, or eighth grader, or any other level of education, the best step forward is tutoring. Not just any type of tutoring, but covalent learning, which is a cut above the rest.

What Is Covalent Learning?

Covalent learning is a practical way of teaching to help children succeed in subjects that were once difficult to understand and help them do well. The systematic approach by CovLC and its team of tutors and mentors can help students step up their game and become successful professionals someday.

If you want to learn more about covalent learning you can check out the CovLC company where you can see much more in-depth information regarding their services.


We conclude that many students in the USA and abroad are facing challenges with excelling in mathematics, which we have shown to be a very essential subject to any child who expects to learn the skills they will need to do well.

Any parent who wants their child to succeed has the perfect opportunity to do so by seeking professional teaching methods so evidently available through covalent learning. Personal tutoring will go a long way in giving any student the advantages they need to learn and grasp mathematics.

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