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Report Shows Online Tutoring in English Brings Positive Results

December 1, 2022

I am sure many of you have heard of online tutoring for English and many other subjects. However, how many of you realize how impactful this type of learning has been for those seeking to excel in this subject?

Online tutoring is very effective due to the accessibility, once you have a device and an internet connection. Learning under the tutorship of qualified individuals has caused many students to make great strides in their education status.

But enough talk about how good tutoring is, we want to share with you some valuable information, so you understand that this isn’t hearsay, but rather a fact of being. We will share with you a study that was conducted that gave great results and we will let you know where you can go for assistance, so you can become better than you are right now!

Success In Online Tutoring Implementation of English

We told you we would share some proof of online tutoring success and we will share this information now. An assessment that was done through an e-platform tutoring service found that Junior High students in Taiwan greatly benefited from such a program.

According to the report, twenty students partook in an online tutoring program for fifteen weeks, after which they participated in a questionnaire about their experience and thoughts about how it impacted them.

The students shared positive feedback as they saw improvements in their handling of the subject of English and also saw online tutoring as of great benefit. The students were clearly happy about the improvements they saw by partaking in this after-school program.

Endless Possibilities

The study done at a high school in Taiwan illustrates the potential of after-school online tutoring to help children improve their grades and have a better grasp of the subject. Despite the implementation of tutoring being around for a long time, many have not understood the benefits of this practice.

However, it is clear that there is much to be harnessed from online tutoring for English and any other subject that can benefit fourth to eight graders or college students. The potential is mind-boggling and unless parents and students understand this and see the need to take advantage of online tutoring, many will be left behind academically.

The Role of CovLC In This Matter

That is why CovLC exists. We recognize the potential of online learning via tutors and other special teaching skills. Taking into consideration the potential realized by the study done in Taiwan with high school juniors, we seek to improve on what they have done.

The success the study had doesn’t have to stop there as new methods come onstream, it can be easier to implement the way children are taught through our own practices.

We offer an English tutoring class that you can learn more about here, to better understand how we seek to meet all your needs.


If you found the study to be interesting and you believe that it is the way to go for your child, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We would be more than willing to help you find the right solution for your child to help them get on track and stay on track.

Online tutoring is the way to go as the world opens up to more remote work and digital meetings and so forth. Online tutoring fits in well with the world in which we live now, it certainly has its place, and our services will make using e-platforms so much easier and more fulfilling, we look forward to working with you!

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