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Signs That Your Child is Struggling in School Academically

December 8, 2022

The number of children in school struggling academically has increased in recent times. Several exam results during the last two to three years have shown that more children are dropping in their test grades compared to those of earlier years.

This matter is a concern for many educators, as the downward direction may reflect a failure on the part of the educational system, or in some cases, it could be a failure by the parents to have a greater interest in how their child is managing.

One of the major issues is the ability to identify the signs that children may be struggling with schoolwork so that some level of help can be given. Before children can receive the help they need, it must be clear what is the issue first, then address it.

There are a number of signs that can help a parent or teacher recognize that a student may need help. Here are some of the major signs to look for, and we will tell you how to deal with them.

Issues with Phonics

If you notice a child is having issues pronouncing words, they could be having an issue with phonics. Phonics allows a person to pronounce words based on what they see, this is critical to reading. If a child can’t read properly, it will affect how they learn and their ability to solve problems.

Teachers can implement strategies that can help children catch on to words through patterns, songs, pictures, vowels, and physical demonstration. Once teachers know how to implement such methods, it can be a motivating tool for children who have issues with phonics.

Takes A Long Time to Understand Concepts

When children are slow to pick up and understand a concept, it can hamper their ability to succeed. When a child finds it difficult to understand what the teacher is sharing with the class, it can cause the child to be left behind academically or slow down the entire class as the teacher seeks to bring the pupil up to speed.

Usually, the child will be left behind in some cases, as it is more challenging to keep back the entire class because of a student. This is another sign of a struggling child and one of the best ways to help a person with these issues is to help them one on one. Tutoring can help children with this issue as the tutor can zero in on the issues and help where necessary.

Some ways teachers can help students who grasp concepts slowly is to make it fun, be patient, and break down the work into smaller portions so the child doesn’t feel overwhelmed.

Child Likes to Play but Despises School Work

Children can often lack motivation to do their required subjects, whether at school or at home. Yet, when it comes time to play and have fun, they express joy and intrigue to enjoy themselves. In many cases, children who enjoy playing more than school work may have insecurities or just like to play period.

One of the best approaches to this issue is to talk to the child and see what could be wrong. You can ask about how other children in their class are doing. Patience is key, as you want your child to see the benefits of learning.

Sometimes these issues may prove too much for parents and the school they go to, which is why reaching out to a tutor can help. If you believe that your child is struggling based on the signs you see and need help, reach out to our team at CovLC, we are here to help, just give us a call or register at our website.

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