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The Power of Distance Education in Today’s World

December 6, 2022

One of the leading ideas by some educators is the need for a greater approach to distance learning to meet the demands of a changing world. If the recent pandemic has taught us anything, it's how easily the world as we know it can be turned upside down.

Governments and many educational institutions were forced to use this method of learning to keep students abreast of their educational needs. What happened reinforced the need for such a teaching concept to be more fully included in our world now.

So, what is distance education, how can it help students keep pace with our changing world and where should people look for help? We will answer each of these questions, so keep reading so you can get all the information and help you need.

What Is Distance Education?

Distance education is a fancy term for online tutoring. The reason it is called such relates to how possible it is for you to be anywhere in the world and be taught by a tutor. The internet is a global commodity and it has made it easier to communicate in many ways without being in the same country or place.

According to the Ionian University and Greece, Pierce-The American College of Greece, e-tutoring is an excellent way to educate students. These educational systems did a program in 2012/13, where they managed an online tutoring program that looked at how well students would adapt and benefit from such a system.

Their monitoring showed an increase in grades, participation, and overall development of students. This type of tutoring approach has done well in Canada, Korea, and Taiwan. Taiwan did a study that produced similar results, proving how valuable e-tutoring can be if properly implemented.

How Can E-Tutoring Help Students

Students who have enrolled in any of the e-tutoring programs have seen an increase in grades during exam time. The reason for the improvement is the ability of tutors to address any weaknesses a student may have, and find ways to address them.

Since online tutoring can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and device, it is easier to get the necessary help from a qualified educator. E-tutoring allows teachers to help students participate in a more meaningful way, which helps them grow and develop their learning and problem-solving capabilities.

Teaching students how to troubleshoot topics, evaluate information, and meet deadlines can enable them to keep calm during examinations and give their best. E-tutoring offers a complete package to help children grow and excel with their grades.

Where Can You Find A Great E-Tutoring Program?

Finding a great online tutoring program or company that administers such services is easy. Why do we say it is easy? We say so because we are one such company and we offer the best service to anyone who is looking to help their child grow and take full advantage of the educational system.

Our brand, Covalent Learning Center (CovLC) is a company that takes online learning to another level. We offer a number of subjects for kids in grades four to twelve and College students. The subjects include Math, English, and Science for grades four to twelve.

Also, included are Math and Science in college, editing and proofreading in English for college students, English as a Second Language, and the Covalent Life Skills and Development Program. You can learn more about our services by visiting our website.

We at CovLC take the education success of students seriously. If you want to see your child or children do well and improve their overall abilities, contact us and let us help you find the right plan for your child.

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