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What is a Covalent Bond?

November 17, 2022

The term covalent bond may be a strange term to some people, but it is reflective of the vision and purpose of The Covalent Learning Center. Once you understand more about the terminology, it becomes easier to understand our goals and purposes for helping students achieve greater success.

So, what is a covalent bond and how does it reflect what CovLC stands for as a learning institution? A covalent bond is a bonding of chemicals where two atoms share pairs of electrons.
Another name for covalent bond is molecular bond as the process involves molecules, atoms are molecules. When two atoms share an electron pair or a bonding pair, the energies of repulsion or attraction between them are referred to as covalent bonding.

How Does Covalent Bonding Apply to CovLC?

At CovLC, we seek to make this bonding reaction relevant to the educational system. Out tutors work to make learning attractive to the mind, with the ability to retain and build on what is taught. Tutoring is available to Grades 4- 12 students, college students and for exam takers (SAT, Pre-Sat, ACT, GMAT, GRE, MCAT). Our current focus begins with English, Math and the Sciences.

The idea of covalent learning based on covalent bonding allows our institution to respond to the global interruption at different levels of our education system and society. The same way covalent bonding holds atoms together, we strive via our services to keep parents, children and society together using our tutoring system.

Where there is lack, our tutors are trained to make learning at home manageable allowing parents to manage all aspects of life with more certainty. This approach takes the pressure off teachers and the educational system on a whole, keeping the system stable and of late, exam results have shown the need for an approach like ours.

Our Covalent Bond Educational Approach

CovLC is comprised of a global team from North America, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean, which allows us to reach all diversities and bring solace in learning. Parents and child are bonded as there is less stress on each due to the available services of home tutoring.

Our team at CovLC is exceptional with university professors, school superintendents, engineers, physicians, teachers, pastors and chief executive officers. Such a diverse portfolio allows us to meet all the demands that pull families apart and cause a decrease in grade results. The one can affect the other and we are here to help bring bonding through teaching and support. We go the extra mile and due to online tutoring have a flexible schedule to make life easier for all.

Covalent Bond Outreach Through CovLC Initiatives

As an organization we are determined to make a difference and live up to the name we hold dare as our slogan for successful learning and living. We recognize the challenges that parents and students face with the changing times and want to work with you to help you succeed.

Let us help you overcome every challenge with the confidence that knowledge and ambition isn’t lost to the demands of ever-changing scenes in this world. You can learn more about us and see what we stand for and why its important to use our services.

If you want to see improvement in exam results from Grade 4-12 and college students, you are in the right place, check us out and learn more about covalent learning a concept based on the covalent bond.

Take us everywhere your knowledge is our destination.

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