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What is Working Memory and How Can You Improve Your Child?

November 3, 2022

Something that many people take for granted is working memory. This is one concept that is worth understanding as we recognize that without it, we are limited in what we can do intellectually. Since this is the case, we want to take a look at this concept and see how we can improve your child’s development by addressing this issue.

Our approach to helping you understand how working memory operates is by using the computer as an example. The computer CPU is the brain of the PC, it however relies on other aspects to function. The memory used in the computer works similarly to working memory, it helps with processing information and finding solutions to problems that exist.

The only way working memory can solve an issue is if it has the capacity to fix the problem, this means the knowledge and power to do so. If the memory has no clue what is the issue or doesn’t have the capability to do so, it will fail in its process.

Different Types of Memory

Working memory according to experts is one of four types of memory that the brain may display. There is short-term and long-term memory, which speak about the ability to retain information for a short or long period.

There is also sensory memory, which is the shortest of all mentioned. It can last for a few seconds before the person forgets about it. However, working memory is more dynamic and once mastered can help with learning.

Experts believe there is an overlap of short-term and long-term memory when a person uses working memory to fix problems. Working memory is most important to learning as it helps with problem-solving in all its forms.

How Does CovLC Help with Working Memory

As mentioned earlier, the concept of working memory is the brain’s ability to process and solve difficult problems by either thinking of a solution or responding to an issue in a safe way. This function of the brain can affect not only behavior but also the ability to learn or grasp concepts.

To help students deal with working memory capabilities, we seek to address what could be responsible for the cause of the deficiency. We check to know if it’s caused by reactions to certain situations, if it’s a weakness based on the person’s health or if it may be due to triggers related to the environment and some other issue.

You may notice how working memory is affected in individuals by tracking how it affects the older generation. Some signs of a weakened working memory are seen in persons with Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Thought Training

The aspect of thought training is a smart approach by us to help build the working memory of a student. We teach students to make the workload simpler by breaking down the information into small portions so it doesn’t seem overwhelming.

The use of checklists and developing routines can help make the process of strengthening working memory a reality. We encourage students to practice memory skills by experimenting with information suitable for memory training.

Another approach is to reduce multi-tasking, which allows the brain to focus on what’s at hand and avoid trying to fix many issues at once. Once the brain becomes accustomed to solving a few problems it paves the way for a greater level of multi-tasking.

Working memory will need to be improved as you will be required to use devices as part of your learning experience. We use various digital tools to train students online and offline, so this aspect will be critical. You can check out the ECov-smartpad to learn more about those features.

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